[PD] Found but *not* solved : Error at 'pd' startup : bad option "map": must be compare, first, index, last, length, match,

Marc Lavallée marc at hacklava.net
Sun Mar 6 22:04:14 CET 2005

Le 6 Mars 2005 13:28, günter geiger a écrit :
> apropos Debian, Ubuntu, Agnula, Demudi, Knoppix and any other incarnation
> of Debian distributions:
> I am packaging Pd for the Debian distribution for 6 years or so, funny
> that I could count the bug reports from the pd community on one hand. On
> the other hand we see messages of people who try to compile pd themselves
> on a Debian system constantly cluttering this list. Please stop this.
> Help to improve the Debian package by sending feedback and suggestions
> about the Debian package, instead of wasting time by trying to compile
> it yourself.

I switched to Debian recently, and I can confirm that Günter's package is 
working very well. The package name and version are "puredata 0.38-amidi3". 
It is also true that the Debian effort is consistant, so there's no need to 
recompile a well maintained package like puredata.

For those who really want to recompile puredata, the magic Debian command is:
"sudo apt-build install puredata". You can get more details here: 

The problem using PD with Debian is that many  externals are missing .
This is what I have on my system:
puredata       0.38.2+amidi-3 realtime computer music and graphics system
pd-3dp-caedes  0.12.4-2       OpenGL modules for pdp
pd-externals   00.20040625-4  PD external collection
pd-flext       0.4.7-1        Flext C++ external layer for pd
pd-flext-dev   0.4.7-1        Header and development files for flext
pd-pdp-caedes  0.12.4-2       Graphics system for pd
pd-pidip-caede 0.12.17-1      Additional video objects for pdp
pd-unauthorize 20031122-1     Many interface, graphics and audio externals
pd-zexy        00.20040625-2  Zexy library for puredata


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