[PD] basic OS x install problems

Pall Thayer palli at pallit.lhi.is
Sun Mar 6 22:47:07 CET 2005

Hi Gair,
Looks like PD can't find libgsl on your system. libgsl is used by pidip. 
So it's actually pidip that's giving you the error and not pd. Anyway, 
since it was working at some point, that must mean that you had it on 
your system and you might still have it but in a different place. See if 
the finder can find something containing libgsl. If it does, don't move 
it as it might mess something else up. Simply open a terminal, cd 
/sw/lib/ and then sudo ln -s /the/true/location/of/libgsl.0.dylib

That's basically the same as creating an alias.

If you do have to reinstall gsl, I think 'fink install gsl' will do the 

best r.

Gair Dunlop wrote:
> Dear friends, I did have PD working but now it's not. An inspiring 
> workshop with derek Holzer and Aymeric had me going with a quite 
> interesting video mixer. however, after a serious crash, no luck. the 
> interface appears for a fraction of a second then vanishes.
> I have tried a clearout and a re-install. in console i get the message
> dyld: /Applications/pure 
> data/Pd-0.38-0test4HCS1.app/Contents/Resources/Scripts/../bin/pd can't 
> open library: /sw/lib/libgsl.0.dylib  (No such file or directory, errno 
> = 2)
> How do I fix this?
> I am not a programmer by background. I have been struggling with this 
> for ages and `am VERY frustrated.
> Is there anywhere a tutorial/online material on how to use 
> console/terminal etc, and what the commands mean.
> sorry to appear stupid but it's the basics that need to be addressed in 
> order to widen access...
> regards from G
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Pall Thayer


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