[PD] Pd & a lighting console

wolfgang schwarzenbrunner schwarz at gen-control.com
Mon Mar 7 10:02:58 CET 2005


At 17:28 05.03.2005, Max Neupert wrote:
>hi list,
>are there reasons to prefere a usb to dmx device rather than a midi to dmx 
>device like this one?
>i guess one may avoid driver trouble without the usb-dmx thing.

well -- its just cheaper to get a soundlight usb-dmx interface - do the 
patch in pd and control the interface with vvvv....


>Max Neupert
>Fachgebiet Kunst & Medien
>Hochschule für Kunst und Design
>Burg Giebichenstein
>Halle, Deutschland
>Am 10.02.2005 um 22:29 schrieb William Grissom:
>>Just to put this out there as an option, I have used a usb to dmx 
>>converter from colorkinetics to run their lights, and have written a pd 
>>extern to send rgb+channel commands to it, works very well in os x.  the 
>>only downside is that it uses an cat5 cable to communicate to the lights, 
>>and i'm not sure how common that is among lighting manufacturers.
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