[PD] PD and waveform~

Thomas Grill gr at grrrr.org
Mon Mar 7 17:00:43 CET 2005

Hi Robert,
if i remember correctly the wedit abstraction by Marius Schebella 
contains what you need. It is has been made for another application, but 
you should be able to adapt it accordingly.

best greetings,

Robert Gruendler schrieb:

>hello list,
>i hope this issue hasn't been discussed here, haven't found anything about
>this in the list. If yes, i apologize for a double post.
>As i used to work with max until now, i'm wondering if there's any
>gui-external similar to waveform~ in Max. I have search for it but couldn't
>find anything. My main problem is, i'd like to edit loop-length, start- and
>end point with the mouse at once. If there's no external with those
>capabilities, maybe there's a workaround how i can achieve the same effect
>in pd.
>Thanks for your help

Thomas Grill
gr at grrrr.org
+43 699 19715543

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