[PD] Segmented patch chords?

federico xaero at inwind.it
Mon Mar 7 21:43:29 CET 2005

>>Anyway, having these as an option would be nice, but apart from imPd
>>they haven't arrived yet.
>They are not in IMPD. I only made something that renders them as
>randomly-placed (within certain bounds) and made splines out of it. That
>was 20 lines of code. It would have been a damn lot more to also get the
>mouse working with them, add a patchcord menu, make them load and save,
>send a patch to miller to make "regular pd" at least keep the segmentation
>info while editing, etc...
>The screenshots of IMPD are in
>  http://artengine.ca/matju/impd/gallery/
i think this is the best example

would be nice to have "intelligent wires".

this is a feature like that in PCB software (tools for designing circuits).
given a netlist (here, a collection of inlets) with a list of nodes that 
should be connected together, the program find the best path for each 
connection, i.e. by following a grid. (there are well known algorithms 
about this)...
and avoiding crossing objects or other wires (useful when you connect 
many>one inlets or vice-versa).

then this path can be rendered with lines, bezier, exp, various 
f(n)'s.... and you don't have to store those segments information in the 
patch, because they are computed by a kinda of AI :)

what do you think about it?


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