[PD] colored/swooping cables

Christian Klippel ck at mamalala.de
Mon Mar 7 23:41:39 CET 2005

hi robert,

Am Montag 07 März 2005 22:50 schrieb robertgarvin at bellsouth.net:
> lines stretching across the patch, and bending like they are in those
> schematics, it'd get very confusing to read. that might be where the color

well, that depends. in pcb software, you have not only bended wires, but you 
also have junctions on those wires. that means, a wire runs up to a certain 
place or object, and then (or inbetween) splits away to another wire. that is 
expressed by placing a big dot over that junction (in europe, at least. 
american schematics are a bit different). wires with no "interconnection" are 
just as usual, simply crossing.... (in the schematic capture, of course. pcb 
design is different)

> can come in... what did you mean by "easier to make"? does this express pcb
> just make circuit diagrams, or does it also show you what your schematic
> will do (ie if you have blinking LED's, can you run it and it show you
> blinking LEDs)?

yes, there are similar applications for that too.
for example http://developer.berlios.de/projects/ksimus/

altough normal schematic capture and pcb design software is morer less just a 
drawing program, there are also programs to simulate those networks (spice or 
pspice for example).
some applications implement such a simulation in the capture process,
so you could think of a pd for electronics, somehow ;-)

> -Robert



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