[PD] colored/swooping cables

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Tue Mar 8 11:08:08 CET 2005

retu arana hat gesagt: // retu arana wrote:

> sori, i can't locate theme sections in pd.tk
> where is it? i really like to have fancy colored objects thx

It's right at the start of pd.tk: 


namespace eval ::pdtheme {
    set border orange
    set bg gray50
    set box green
    set line pink
    set object #88ccff
    set message orange
    set inlet white
    set outlet red
    set atom yellow
    set graph red
    set text white
    set selected green
    set lasso green

    tk_setPalette $border

If you cannot see this, then you're probably not running ix_pd

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