[PD] error: inlet: no method for \'list\'

thewade pdman at aproximation.org
Wed Mar 9 01:35:43 CET 2005

Hello list, I have a new question for you, and some \"props\" as well.

I have not yet solved the old problem of writesf~ and readsf~
writing and reading headers properly on 64 bit arch-es yet becasue
my coding skills are VERY rusty and it would proabably take me weeks
to get into the pd code enough to really understand coding again.
And that would be if I had someone HERE to ask questions, like a
class or something.
(Perhaps if I dont end up moving in May I will re-enroll in CU
again to brush up :) )

Anyway I have a problem. I am trying to acecpt a range of inputs
into an inlet. Before when I run into this problem I just add
another inlet and make it type specific, but that makes me feel lazy,
like I am not addressing the problem.

I want to have an inlet that takes both floats, symbols and lists of
floats and or symbols. I should be able to do this by connecting an
inlet to a [route 0 1 symbol list] for example, but when I use a
message to send a list to this inlet from the outside I get:
error: inlet: no method for \'list\'

When I got this for symbol I just made another inlet and connected it
to [symbol].

How do I fix this?

Also, just for curiosity. If I ever release some of the tracks I
make with PD on a disk (I have released some stuff I made with
Csound - primitive but some people like it -
http://www.cdbaby.com/aproximation - I havent made anything except
for 12 dollars from my $2500 investment :D ) and make money I
want to be able to return some of the profits to the writers of
this code. Perhaps you could set up a paypal account for PD, or
better yet sourceforge should have a donation box associated with
every opensource project. That would be the best solution!

Anyway, thanks for the help here and for the years of help!
(Add a contributers name list to the pd about page too! ;) )

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