[PD] error: inlet: no method for \'list\'

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Wed Mar 9 08:00:18 CET 2005

thewade wrote:
> Hello list, I have a new question for you, and some \"props\" as well.

> I want to have an inlet that takes both floats, symbols and lists of
> floats and or symbols. I should be able to do this by connecting an
> inlet to a [route 0 1 symbol list] for example, but when I use a
> message to send a list to this inlet from the outside I get:
> error: inlet: no method for \'list\'
> When I got this for symbol I just made another inlet and connected it
> to [symbol].
> How do I fix this?

[route float symbol list]
this _does_ work

however, be aware that the "list" strips any preceding "list" from a 
list, thus possibly making it something else.
read: "1 2 3" will be correctly expanded to "list 1 2 3", the "list" 
being stripped by route, so you get "1 2 3" again (which is ok)
but: "list yellow sub marine" will become "yellow sub marine" which is 
_not_ a list anymore.

so: if you know that only floats, symbols and lists are going to appear 
on the inlet, you can use the reject-outlet of [route] for the lists:
[route float symbol]


PS: while [zexy/segregate] could do the job too, i would  really rather 
use [route] (personally too)

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