[PD] gem - pix_buffer strangeness

Thoralf Schulze thoralf_schulze at yahoo.de
Wed Mar 9 17:06:16 CET 2005

hi list -

It would be really great if someone could shed some
light on this issue.

i'm trying to merge some pics with the pix_composite
object. now, instead of using [t a a a a a ...] and
(numberofpics - 1) pix_composites (simply enough - got
it to work), i tried to do it in a less clumsy and
cpu-demanding way by using pix_buffer. my idea was to
read all images into a buffer first (say, into slots
0-7) and mix them afterwards (using slot 8). The
actual mixing would be some sort of iteration: first
the images in slot 1 (left inlet of Pix_composite) and
0 (right one) will be mixed into slot 8. Afterwards
slot 2 (left) and slot 8 (right) are mixed to slot 8,
the same would be done with slots 3 to 7 ...
This actually works, the only drawback is that the
mixed pics are not only written to slot #8, but to the
currently processed slot as well. Although the only
pix_buffer_write object in the whole patch gets an [8(
banged to its right inlet everytime a render cycle
This sounds probably a bit confusing ... please have a
look at the attached patch, that should make it more

thank you in advance,


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