[PD] FTDI 232 /245 module

B. Bogart ben at ekran.org
Wed Mar 9 21:03:25 CET 2005

hey piksel HW people,

In case you don't know from other lists (like pd-list) I've been involved
in a project called AID that is a GPL microcontroller board for artists.
We've used with python and PD and it uses a MAX232 for serial, and we've
also played with the FTDI usb-serial package.


Also Marc Lavalee has written a couple wrapper objects for comport
(ascii2any and any2ascii) that may the byte lists to symbols and such so
you can send "normally" formated terminal messages. I think these are in
CVS, but a quick google search should bring them up.

please subscribe to the aid mailinglist aid at interaccess.org since we're
always looking for help and to spread the knowledge!


> Hey -
> By the looks of it, that module will show up just like a regular serial
> port as PD is concerned - so the serial capabilities available for PD
> should handle it as such. (I've used comport successfully in the past on
> winXP)
> http://iem.kug.ac.at/ritsch/programmier/pd_externals/
> -David M.
> slimboyfatboyslim wrote:
>> hi,
>> Just wanna make a little survey before getting my hands dirty.
>> Is there anyone at anytime working on FTDI 232 / 245 module
>> (http://www.dontronics.com/giga.html#usbmod2) with PD?
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