[PD] multipoint touchscreen

Thomas Grill gr at grrrr.org
Thu Mar 10 11:03:42 CET 2005

> there has been a lot of talk about this peculiar device on the list. 
> is there anyone who actually bought it? is it as good(+cool) as it 
> sounds? what's the manufacturing quality, latency, image + surface 
> quality?
There has been some discussion on the Max and LAD lists. I remember the 
following points:
- multi finger touch seems to be robust with little lateny - very responsive
- the gui has several elements (maybe enough for many application), but 
is not really freely programmable
- the prize is breathtaking: about 2500$
the funny thing is that none of the people taking part in the 
discussions actually owned one, but there seems to have been a number of 
presentations - also in course of PrutalDruth Berlin, as i was told. 
Maybe some Berliner can elaborate... Wernfried?

best greetings,

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