[pd] simple routing object

oliver oliver at klingt.org
Thu Mar 10 11:42:53 CET 2005

"demultiplex" from the ZEXY library.

only that you don't give one argument for outports but the number of 
arguments define how many outports will be created.

so [demux 0 1 2 3] creates 4 outpurts starting with 0

hope this is what you're looking for


hard off wrote:

>what i want is a simple object.  it has a left and right inlet, with
>the number of outlets defined by the creation argument.  the left
>inlet is routed to outlet that corresponds to the value input to the
>right inlet.
>is there an external that does this?  i am sick of using spigots and
>routes to do such an easy task.
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