[PD] gem - pix_buffer strangeness

Thoralf Schulze thoralf_schulze at yahoo.de
Thu Mar 10 19:19:13 CET 2005

Hi Ben,

thank you for your answer. you got it quite right: the
tool i'm hacking together atm is indeed a little more
than just blending images: inputs can be still images,
movie clips, live video streams and probably some
other stuff as well. each of these inputs has a filter
chain assigned to it (various pix_objects) and will
then be rendered on some sort of geo (the few gem
provides plus 3d objects, oscilloscopes, spectrum
analysers and so on). The rough idea is that
everything can be done to anything, the result can
then be rendered on any of the geos. so basically it's
mainly kicking messages around: draw the
motion-blurred input from the video scratcher on a
cube whose size depends on the amount of bass in the
music and the like. i resort to a midi controller to
manage this mess, although plain clicking is also

And yeah, I ran into several limitations of this
concept already (mixing chains doesn't fit into it,
for example, feedback would also be quite a hack), but
i want to finish it for the sake of having it done :-)
I already had a quick look at pdp - looked very
promising. some things keep me from switching to linux
at the moment (neither midi nor tv out is working atm,
searchin and compiling missing libs is almost always a
pita, etc.), but i will do this sooner or later. 

I'll have a look at your pixelTango - it was linux
only the last time i checked :-)

all the best,

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