[PD] gem - pix_buffer strangeness

Thoralf Schulze thoralf_schulze at yahoo.de
Thu Mar 10 19:31:50 CET 2005

hi iohannes,

> you can use [pix_buf] to decouple the image source
> from the effect.

Yeah, I was probably missing this (cannot check right
now). Thanks for clearing this up.

> apart from that, ben is right, that Gem is probably
> not the best 
> available platform for such kind of things.
But working with win atm, i don't have much of a
choice ... The only really bad thing in my opinion is
that all gem-objects are tied to gem render messages,
and having them decoupled would be quite handy every
now and then. I guess that pdp / pidip are kicking in
at exactly this point ...

thank you, 

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