[PD] multipoint touchscreen

Josh Steiner josh at vitriolix.com
Thu Mar 10 20:12:38 CET 2005

Frank Barknecht wrote:

>cyrille hat gesagt: // cyrille wrote:
>>i quickly tried one.
>>my point of view is that :
>>- sensing the finger are surprisingly fast : it look like you can play 
>>percussion on it.
>>- I like the physical point of view for the movement of fader or other 
>>objects. :-)
>>- I really like the possibility to change the layout of the gui while 
>On a more affordable scale I recently came across the STC-1000: 
>http://www.stc1000.com/ and http://www.tactex.com/STC.htm [1]
>which is single point, but also looks like fun, according to the
>videos on the sites, and is much cheaper (~ $200). Anyone tried that?

wow, that does looks really usefull, especially for $200 ... i want.  
from the one video where he's showing the pc's screen with the gui that 
he's controlling is looks like htere is some noticable latency, but it 
didnt seem to interfer much with his playing the drum kit on the 
drums.mpg vid.

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