[PD] how to set window-size per msg

Roman Haefeli reduzierer at yahoo.de
Fri Mar 11 02:17:53 CET 2005


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From: "Roman Haefeli" <reduzierer at yahoo.de>
> hi
> the patch i am woking on creates subpatches dynamically. now the
> window-position of such a subpatch is always on top-left (default),
> also the size is just the default. i wonder, if one can adjust these
> values by sending messages to the subpacthes, as you can visualize a
> subpatch by sending it a [; pd-subpatch vis s(-msg.
> any suggestions are welcome.
> roman

i am still working/searching on this and haven't found a working
solution yet. please, please forgive me and my donkey like stubborness.
i went trough the pd-msg-doc and didn't find anything refering this
topic. but by fooling around with msgs to pd/patches, i found out
something. the following msg:

#N canvas 200 200 200 200 subpatch 0;
#X msg 20 20 hello world;
#X restore 30 30 pd subpatch;
pd-subpatch vis 1;(

does actually what i want, but suddenly it causes pd to crash
immediately. although pd has already crashed, i can see on winxp, that
pd created a new window at the specified position with the specified
size (with the name 'x94fc70'), because all windows are closed only
after klicking 'ok' in the funny 'pd.exe hat ein problem festgestellt
und muss beendet werden'-popup. on linux pd closes immediately after
sending this msg.
does anybody have an idea what to change so that pd does not crash?

i also had the idea that it's maybe possible to find out all kinds of
msgs to pd/patch with [r pd] or [r pd-patch.pd], but it turned out that
it works when you turn audio on/off (you get 'dsp 1/0'), but with [r
pd-patch.pd] i didn't get any msg at all. wouldn't be that a nice
feature, to make all actions in pd available with [r pd-patch.pd]? think
of all the new possibilities, that would provide.......

good night

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