[PD] Repairing wav files written by pd 64bit

thewade pdman at aproximation.org
Fri Mar 11 04:14:19 CET 2005

>>I looked at d_soundfile.c briefly and didnt see anything in the 1 min
>>scan, but I have to go and cant really get into it today. I was
>>hoping that someone more fimiliar with that file will immediately
>>recognize the problem. Otherwise I will look at it tonight hopefully.
>I am looking at both pd-0.38-4 and devel_0_38, and I see something to fix
>in d_soundfile.c. Change the definition of uint32 so that it\'s really 32
>typedef unsigned int uint32; /* long isn\'t 32-bit on amd64 */
>I just applied this fix to devel_0_38.
>I don\'t claim that this is the last such bug. I also don\'t have a K8 so I
>can\'t test.

Yay, this worked! So now readsf~ works an I imagine that writesf~ does
too! (I will test that later) Thank you!
Now if arrays would opperate correctly on 64-bit I would be where you
all are now, as far as working PD software goes...

Thanks again!

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