how (many) are we [was: Re: [PD] Segmented patch chords?]

thewade pdman at
Fri Mar 11 05:19:07 CET 2005

I have never met another PD user in person.

I started using PD in part becasue I was fooling around with
putting linux on an old laptop and was downloading whatever sound
program I could find. Later I took a class that had a MAX/MSP
element to it up at CU. I liked the idea of messing around with
realtime sound, as I had only been exposed to Csound through the
school up until then. I didnt want a Mac ( :P ) and so...

I have a bunch of tracks almost ready for a CD (I want a few more,
and to save up $2500 of course, before I print the disk) that is
ALL PD STUFF. I lovith PD, and thank you all for working on it and
using it and making it better.

I tried to teach my X-girlfriend how to use PD, but like me if she
struggles at the beginning then it becomes more and more difficult
for her to progress. She could play almost every instrument in the
orchestra, but there was something about visualizing the flow of
numbers and of waveforms that threw her off. I have the same kind
of frustration when I try to play a real instrument. :D

Girls got kind of hazed out of the audio tech classes at CU by
the other students. There are always some students that get it
automatically, and others that need serious help, and the teachers
tend to favor the head of the class. Its a widespread flaw of many
CU departments: not enough classes and too many students per


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