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Are you talking about the University of Colorado?  At

I am graduating from the music tech program over there
this Spring and was introduced to PD by a friend from
Australia while I was in Sweden last summer.

I know a guy named Wade in the UCD program but I can't
be certain it's you.  Seems too strange to be true but
who knows.

To All:

Other than a composer friend I met in Sweden and
another friend at Cal Arts, I have never met anyone
else in person who uses PD.  Most I talk to have heard
of Max and some have used it but when I mention Pure
Data I get a bunch of blank stares.

I have become a PD junkie in less than 6 months. 
Thanks to everyone who has worked with the development
of PD and all its wonderful externals!


> I have never met another PD user in person.
> I started using PD in part becasue I was fooling
> around with
> putting linux on an old laptop and was downloading
> whatever sound
> program I could find. Later I took a class that had
> element to it up at CU. I liked the idea of messing
> around with
> realtime sound, as I had only been exposed to Csound
> through the
> school up until then. I didnt want a Mac ( :P ) and
> so...
> I have a bunch of tracks almost ready for a CD (I
> want a few more,
> and to save up $2500 of course, before I print the
> disk) that is
> ALL PD STUFF. I lovith PD, and thank you all for
> working on it and
> using it and making it better.
> I tried to teach my X-girlfriend how to use PD, but
> like me if she
> struggles at the beginning then it becomes more and
> more difficult
> for her to progress. She could play almost every
> instrument in the
> orchestra, but there was something about visualizing
> the flow of
> numbers and of waveforms that threw her off. I have
> the same kind
> of frustration when I try to play a real instrument.
> :D
> Girls got kind of hazed out of the audio tech
> classes at CU by
> the other students. There are always some students
> that get it
> automatically, and others that need serious help,
> and the teachers
> tend to favor the head of the class. Its a
> widespread flaw of many
> CU departments: not enough classes and too many
> students per
> teacher.
> -thewade
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