[PD] Interpolation in xgroove~

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Sat Mar 12 16:21:16 CET 2005

Thomas Grill hat gesagt: // Thomas Grill wrote:

> xgroove~ handles this according to the loop mode.
> In forward loop mode, points needed for interpolation will wrap over 
> (according to the loop bounds), in no-loop or bidirectional loop mode, 
> the interpolation order will be reduced according to the number of 
> points available to the end (or beginning) of the loop. In no event, 
> points outside the loop are used - i hope so at least ;-)
> I haven't thought a lot about that - if someone finds this is not the 
> method of choice, i'm open for other ideas.

Ah, great, this is exactly what I need, I think. Thanks a lot.

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