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David O'Toole dto at irrationalgames.com
Sat Mar 12 18:07:17 CET 2005

I would love to see an inclusive, self-organizing, informal group that
invites all experimental music/media folks to participate in
occasional meetings/discussions/performances in the Boston
area. There've got to be Pd-people around here, and people using other

While my friends and I did get an occasional gig performing at places
like Gallery Bershad in Somerville (now closed), there aren't many
venues for experimental music in this city, whether on GNU/Linux or
not. I think the musicians are here, ready to be tapped, but the noise
isn't happening out in public. it is hard to get little groups going
here, in part because people in Boston aren't as socially outgoing.

On a more personal/historical note, 

Most of our shows were in NYC, during that brief period in the
mid-to-late 90's when a small-town college kid with an old Pentium 2
and some warezed audio software had a chance to make real money
selling ambient / "IDM" / alternative electronic pop records and
getting signed to labels like Warp and Astralwerks. (Except, we
dreamed about being whisked off to the UK when we finally made it big,
instead of Hollywood.)

Things were quiet on the music front while while I worked on school
and changed careers, but I've just finished building a new performance
rig (see link below)


Any folks on this list live in or near Boston, and like the idea of a
mailing list for Bostonian Pd / experimental audio / video people to
get together and jam and create public happenings?

David O'Toole
Irrational Games
617.269.0424 x335
dto at irrationalgames.com

Ian Smith-Heisters <heisters at 0x09.com> writes:

> I'm not in NYC these days, but may be moving there in May. They do
> video stuff too at Share. And I know there's some folks that go to
> Frylab on one of the westside piers.
> http://frylab.info/
> I went once, but wasn't too interested. I've heard there's also some
> occasional Pd-ish stuff going on at SubTonic, but that's more
> performance than meet and talk. For meet and talk there's some NYC
> Audio Artist's group a friend of mine is part of. If that interests
> you I could send you his email offlist.
> But there is a definite shortage. If I move to NYC I'd like to start a
> venue for this kind of performance. Maybe more primetime than sunday
> night. Keep an eye on the list.
> -Ian
> Paris Treantafeles wrote:
>> hi,
>> glad you brought that up.
>> i go to share sometimes (sunday nights are not so good for me) but i
>> usually do video rather than audio.
>> i'm not very experienced with pd but would like to learn more and so
>> if there's anything "pd" related going on in nyc, count me in.
>> best,
>> p
>> On Friday, March 11, 2005, at 11:20  AM, Ian Smith-Heisters wrote:
>>> derek holzer wrote:
>>>> Seems like the main difference in people's experiences meeting
>>>> other users is whether or not they live in Europe. I don't think
>>>> there's less PDers in the States, but they are much farther apart,
>>>> and there's simply no interesting venues for new media art in the
>>>> States [festivals and the like] so they never have a chance to
>>>> meet each other.
>>> This is what it seems to me. The only regular venue for stuff like
>>> this I know of in the whole US is ShareNYC, but I've never seen
>>> another PDer there, though I heard H.C.Steiner has been around. Of
>>> course NYC is a long shot if you live on the west coast, wheras
>>> from what I hear about Europe, you can live in London and be in
>>> Berlin 20EUR and an hour later.  Hmmmm... anyone know of any jobs
>>> for a programmer with a specialty in realtime media in Europe ;) ?
>>> Europe has higher population density, plus I think there really are
>>> more PDers in Europe. IEM is there. IRCAM is there.
>>> -ish
>>>> d.
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