[PD] Interpolating to a higher sample frequency

Niklas Saers niklas at registrar.no
Sun Mar 13 14:51:51 CET 2005

I am at the moment stuck with a 44Khz sample rate, which is fine with 
the sounds I'm working with (in the 800-7000Hz area) but which makes 
1000 sample ffts too slow. So I wondered if anyone's done audio 
interpolation with Pd or how you'd go about doing this. Right now the 
only option I'm aware of is writing an external with the interpolation 
and try to spit out the audio at a higher rate than it comes in. Will Pd 
at all allow for this, or is it locked to the sample rate of my 
hardware? I've been googeling for externals that do this already but 
found none. For the interpolation I was thinking of using line~, but it 
doesn't seem fine-grained enough, asking for milliseconds.

Speaking of fft, can anyone point me in a direction of how to narrow the 
analysed bandwidth down to the 800-7000Hz area that I'm interested in? 
Still reading up on it, I'm hoping that should let me get a higher 
precision with less data.

Sorry if this is all very newbie.



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