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Matthew Shanley matthewshanley at littlesecretsrecords.com
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I'm still a fairly new Bostonian, and I've gotten away from my
experimental music recently, but not totally of forever. I think we
might find people in the woodwork around here.


David O'Toole wrote:
| I would love to see an inclusive, self-organizing, informal group that
| invites all experimental music/media folks to participate in
| occasional meetings/discussions/performances in the Boston
| area. There've got to be Pd-people around here, and people using other
| tools...
| While my friends and I did get an occasional gig performing at places
| like Gallery Bershad in Somerville (now closed), there aren't many
| venues for experimental music in this city, whether on GNU/Linux or
| not. I think the musicians are here, ready to be tapped, but the noise
| isn't happening out in public. it is hard to get little groups going
| here, in part because people in Boston aren't as socially outgoing.
| On a more personal/historical note,
| Most of our shows were in NYC, during that brief period in the
| mid-to-late 90's when a small-town college kid with an old Pentium 2
| and some warezed audio software had a chance to make real money
| selling ambient / "IDM" / alternative electronic pop records and
| getting signed to labels like Warp and Astralwerks. (Except, we
| dreamed about being whisked off to the UK when we finally made it big,
| instead of Hollywood.)
| Things were quiet on the music front while while I worked on school
| and changed careers, but I've just finished building a new performance
| rig (see link below)
| http://puredata.org/community/projects/pdcomputer/KarmaPod
| Any folks on this list live in or near Boston, and like the idea of a
| mailing list for Bostonian Pd / experimental audio / video people to
| get together and jam and create public happenings?

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