[PD] video tracking how advanced?

ydegoyon at free.fr ydegoyon at free.fr
Mon Mar 14 03:18:23 CET 2005


i want to thank you for writing what i don't have time to write.. ))

and, obviously you've been compiling PiDiP since a long time ago,
but i must update your instructions ( which are all right , BUT BUT ....)

ffmpeg is now totally optional as we use ogg/theora for video streaming from now
i was in the world social forum in Porto Alegre to stream with it, it worked
people around the world could hear from Chavez
and what the fuck is going on in these idealistic countries ))
do you know of  autolab :  http://www.midiatatica.org/autolabs??
on a side note, as europe and the US are still drenched in efficiency,
i'm still looking for people drenched in utopia... ))

well,  what were we talking about?
yes, PiDiP installation is now much more easier
and you can even try an 'apt-get install pd-pidip',
should work with the right sources ( thank you al-caedes )

ya esta,

> Once you've installed PiDiP a dozen times or so it becomes straightforward.
Let me see if I can summarize > my procedure:

> 1) Get source for PiDiP from Yves' site. The CVS is usually out of date.
> 2) Get ffmpeg source FROM YVES' SITE. Note you can don't need to install this
source, you just need it to compile PiDiP.
> 3) Untar PiDiP and ffmpeg.
> 4) Configuration is tricky. You need to set --with-pd, --with-pdp and
--with-ffmpeg to the directory where the base directories of their respective
sources are. For me this is

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