[PD] Re: PDa on HP IPAQ 5550

=?X-UNKNOWN?Q?g=FCnter_geiger?= geiger at xdv.org
Mon Mar 14 18:41:35 CET 2005

On Mon, 14 Mar 2005, derek holzer wrote:
> Hi Guenter and the list,
> happy to report I've gotten Familiar 0.8.1 running on my IPAQ 5550 for a
> project I'm doing in conjuntion with STEIM:
> http://www.umatic.nl/projects_pandev.html
> I had a few questions/requests about using PDa:
> 1) The "PDa development environment" you mention on the PDa site, which
> you run on your desk/laptop to make PDa patches... when is that available?

Hi Derek,

It's actually nothing more than the PDa sources compiled for Linux.
unpack, cd PDa/src, make (no configure)
tcl/tk8.4 is hardcoded but its easy to change in the makefile.

> 2) What about externals? I'm particularly interested in your [shell]
> object, and also in using OSC on the IPAQ.

If you have a development toolchain for arm, then its basically
straigthforward to compile externals, I have included sendOSC,
dumpOSC and OSCroute in the PDa binary, so they should be readily
useable. I tried them on my PDa and they worked, but I got reports
that they don't .. so I have to check out what is going on.

Maybe I find the time to put together an external package for PDa,
just send me suggestions what I should include their.

> 3) Is it normal that the GUI is messed up? In my case, "messed up" means
> that number boxes do not display anything, and when I create a new
> object, the name of that object gets typed in the upper-left corner of
> the screen and never appears within the graphical bounds of the object.
> Add more objects and the names just pile on top of each other.
> Also, the file browser is messed up in that all the folder names also
> pile up in the upper left. Is it possible this is a TCL/TK error? I used
> the 8.4.9 versions you provided on your site, and downloaded and
> installed them manually (ipkg install tcl.blah.ipk tk.blah.ipk
> pda.blah.ipk) rather than through the ipkg src repository.

Yes, unfortunately that seems to be normal and it is a tcl/tk thing.
(Or the way tcl/tk is compiled). It is working on openzaurus, but
obviously not on familiar. I will receive an iPaq by the end of
month and then I will have time to fix that.

> 4) Any way to "right-click" objects in PDa for properties, etc? Or is
> that why the "development" version is so so handy?

hmm, for patching the desktop version is really necessary IMO, but
it should be possible to emulate right button clicks on your iPaq using

You can also export the DISPLAY to your desktop. In this case, you can
install an older version of tcl/tk (get it from the old familiar
repository). I had to recompile tcl/tk for PDa because it kills the
Xserver on the iPaq, but if you use the desktop X, then the old version
still works.

Hope everything is a bit clearer now.

Ah, yes,it would be nice if you find a way to make a screenshot of the
messed up screen. I would like to know what is going on.

> Looking forward to further experiments!
> derek

Keep me up to date on your findings.


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