[PD] PDa on HP IPAQ 5550

=?X-UNKNOWN?Q?g=FCnter_geiger?= geiger at xdv.org
Mon Mar 14 19:21:23 CET 2005

On Mon, 14 Mar 2005, CK wrote:
> I read:
> > >I use remote X11 forwarding that works fine
> >
> > OK, thanks, I'll give it a whirl.
> mind you with guenter's tcl/tk on ipaq you'll also get those empty
> object boxes and all the text will still sit in the upper left corner -

I am not sure what causes this behaviour ... really need a device with
familiar in order to debug this.

> I meant to send this to the list some time ago, but I had to re-sub
> pd-list since my sender adress slightly change during our last server
> moving.
> > Sorry, can you clarify? Is there an OSC object compiled somewhere for
> > the ARM? And if it's server only, does that mean it can't receive OSC
> > messages???
> OSC should come with pda butg only the server side i.e. dumpOSC so you
> can receive but not send.

Ah, yes, right. I put looking into sendOSC on my TODO list. Good to know
that dump and route is working now.


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