[PD] [pdp] bitchvj not working

Igor Medeiros igormpc at gmail.com
Mon Mar 14 23:50:25 CET 2005

i receive an error opening:

... couldn't create
... couldn't create
countund~: count up to a value and then down to zero : author : ydegoyon at free.fr
fiddle version 1.1 TEST4
error: signal outlet connect to nonsignal inlet (ignored)
... you might be able to track this down from the Find menu.
error: signal outlet connect to nonsignal inlet (ignored)
error: playlist : requested location
>/home/acracia/fotosmovs/bitchmutantmanifesto< is not a directory

i'm using pd 0.38-2, pd-pdp 0.12.4-1, pd-pidip 0.12.18-3.
pidipiVJ is working, flake also.
is there more vj patches for pd? 
ah and what are the differences between pd-pdp 0.12.4-1 and
pd-pdp-caedes 0.12.4-2? or between pd-pidip 0.12.18-3 and
pd-pidip-caedes 0.12.17-1?
which ones should i use? 

thx in advance
igor medeiros [media sana]

linux kurumin kernel 2.6
debian based brazillian distro


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