[PD] Newb: Problems cutting connections in edit mode

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Tue Mar 15 01:04:34 CET 2005

Rob Bennett hat gesagt: // Rob Bennett wrote:

> Hi - I'm attempting to join the Pure Data revolution. A major impedance is 
> my inability to disconnect patch cords in edit mode. The documentation 
> leads me to believe that if I mouse over a patch cord and see the hand 
> change to an X, a further click will disconnect the objects / messages / 
> etc. I see the X, and I click, but the cable simply turns blue 
> (highlighted) and stays put stubbornly. After it turns blue, I've tried 
> pressing "delete," grabbing the cable, and a number of various other things 
> to no avail. I've tried both pd 0.37 and 0.38-4 under WinXP SP1 on two 
> separate and very differently configured machines, with the same problem on 
> all versions and hardware.  Connecting and moving objects is not a problem.

Try Backspace. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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