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thewade pdman at
Tue Mar 15 02:35:23 CET 2005

> .hc wrote:
> Its good to see more women getting involved.  But it remains a sad
> fact  that out 40+ Pd devs, almost all are white males.  I was just
> discussing this with my girlfriend ideas, it seems to be a pretty
> amorphic issue.  I read an interesting article about this problem
> regarding free software development in general.  It seems many women
> don\'t want to be openly female in such forums because it often leads to 
> obnoxious and/or harassing emails.  So many women choose gender-neutral
> online identities to avoid this.  Then there was another interesting
> point about how free software development tends to be kind of a macho
> realm, with people trying to one-up each other.  Many women (and men as
> well) find this quite annoying.

This is indeed sad. I wish more women were (openly) into computers. Perhaps
A geek like me could relate to such a girl. :embarased:
Plus who knows what new perspectives women could bring to the digital field,
like Angela Bulloch for example. I LOVE her work. Its not audio (at least
what I have seen) but it is some of the most amaizing visual stuff! I would
kill to have her skills.

I know what you mean though about the emergance of harrasing emails.
Apparently my name (wade) is given to both males and females, and once
I recieved a request for a pic! :P :D

I tried to drag my X here, but I was/am a horrable teacher :(

I havent seen much of the Macho thing, but then again I dont develop. I
am just a user... I think the developers are pritty nice, at least from
my point of view. Giving their time to an appreciative community like this.

two more cents makes four...

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