[PD] Re: new pmpd developer

Nicolas Montgermont montgermont at la-kitchen.fr
Tue Mar 15 15:45:03 CET 2005


I've been experimenting pmpd with datastructure for a week now, and I 
encounter a few problems that are all present in the attached patch:

- Computation speed! The simple model presented here (5 mass, 8 link) 
seems to charge all my CPU at a metro period of 100ms. The string patch 
designed by Frank Barknecht in the datastructure tutorial was much more 
faster. Does anybody see any "bad" programming in the patch?

- The datastructure displays strangely on my linux system. Some links 
are well connected to the mass, but the others present a kind of offset. 
Even if the same abstraction is use to display all of them. It seems to 
be a recurrent problem with the datastructure already discuss in the GoP 
positions thread. Have you any newer explanations and perhaps solutions ;) ?

- I use the $0 variable to have mutiple instanciation, but I have to use 
the external "sprintf" to build the "pd-$0-data" message. Is there a 
solution using only native pd objects to do that?


The patch to open is test.pd

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