[PD] number problem

Ian Smith-Heisters heisters at 0x09.com
Tue Mar 15 19:37:46 CET 2005

You don't need the whole patch, just a subpatch within it. I just don't 
have the time to rewrite it for you. If you don't have Zexy I would 
really recommend getting it, it's almost a standard, and is 
extraordinarily useful to boot.

If you really need to avoid using any external for some reason, maybe 
you could kludge something out of spigots and a [pack f f f], but it 
ain't gon' be purty.

The more I think about it, prepend and lister are going to be the 
easiest way to do this. You're using them in a cross connection like the 
basic counter in control examples to build a dynamic list.


/doc/ wrote:
> On Tue, Mar 15, 2005 at 03:50:21PM +0100, nicob wrote:
>>hi all
>>i've [1(,  [2( and [3( message
>>when i hit 3 times [1(, i would like to have 111 resulting
>>when i hit 2 times [1(, i would like to have 11 resulting
>>when i hit [2( [2( [3(, i woul like to have 223 resulting
> please tell me theres a simpler way to do this than the attached patch (which requires zexy..)
>>but i don't succeed.
>>has anybody got i idea please
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