[PD] Mac OS X installer with library documentation

Burt brialey at juno.com
Wed Mar 16 03:02:03 CET 2005

Greetings list,

First of all I want to thank Hans again for the great work he has done with providing an easy-to-install Pure Data extended application for OS X.  However, I was having a few problems with his latest installer (Pd-0.38-0test4HCS1.dmg).

1.  Running OS X 10.3.8, I couldn't get zexy, Gem, pmpd, or vasp to load via the Preferences>Startup menu.  In fact, it crashed when I tried to load them that way, and I wound up having to write a Launcher script.  (That was my solution at the time).

2.  Some of the documentation (especially pdp or pddp) would crash PD in OS X because I haven't gotten them to run correctly.

3.  Not all of the documentation for the extra libraries is easy to use for most users.

So, I took Miller Puckette's distribution and copied the extra libraries from Hans' version and placed them in a directory structure that made sense to me.  Then I edited the Pd.tk script to add an extra menu for Gem and some submenus in the Help menu for the extra libraries.  This was somewhat difficult for me, because I have rather limited experience as a programmer/scripter.

I have placed my new Pd 0.38.3 OS X application on the web.  I would appreciate any feedback anyone has, especially about my changes to the Pd.tk script in bin.  I have documented all my changes so they should be easy to find.  If anything I have done goes against normal PD programming protocol or structuring, definitely let me know.

Samuel Burt

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