[PD] Segmented patch chords?

Stefan Tiedje Stefan-Tiedje at addcom.de
Wed Mar 16 12:32:17 CET 2005

Mathieu Bouchard wrote:
> On Sat, 5 Mar 2005, brendan asselstine wrote:
>>is jMax dead because the Java VM is too slow for DSP?
> first, jMax is dead because IRCAM killed it. It wasn't dead enough so they
> killed it again. It looks as if it was created to compete with Pd and
> didn't quite succeed at it. I stopped using jMax in february 2004 and
> since then I strongly encourage any remaining jMax users/lurkers to
> definitely switch to Pd.

I guess there are mainly practical reasons for jMax's disparaitre. To 
keep track on two different but very similar platforms, in this case 
Max/MSP and jMax, is waste of skills. They decided to port the 
interesting parts of jMax to Max. Which is the ftm library, it uses the 
new java max objects. Porting was easy, there is no more need for jMax. 
The open source aspect could let jMax survive, but with a so much 
stronger Pd community its not very likely. I'd rather learn Pd than keep 
jMax alive.


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