[PD] [pdp] bitchvj not working

Pablo caedes at sindominio.net
Wed Mar 16 15:11:59 CET 2005


sorry about the late answer...

Buenas Igor Medeiros, el 14 de mar de 2005, a las 07:50 escribiste:
> i receive an error opening:
> pdp_ffmpeg~
> ... couldn't create

this is because current pd-pidip is not compiled with ffmpeg support as
all development is switching to ogg theora streaming.

>  pdp_charcoal
> ... couldn't create

this is because pdp_charcoal is an abstraction and possibly is not
installed in the right location. You should create a .pdrc file with
some paths inside, or copy  pdp_charcoal to the bitchvj. this is
possibly making you see no output.

> error: signal outlet connect to nonsignal inlet (ignored)
> ... you might be able to track this down from the Find menu.
> error: signal outlet connect to nonsignal inlet (ignored)

this are not important

> error: playlist : requested location
> >/home/acracia/fotosmovs/bitchmutantmanifesto< is not a directory

this can be solved by changing the path in the patch to somewere in your
hd with videos.

> i'm using pd 0.38-2, pd-pdp 0.12.4-1, pd-pidip 0.12.18-3.
> pidipiVJ is working, flake also.
> is there more vj patches for pd?

you can try delVJ which is a set of patches that can be controlled
through a gtk interface, web interface, osc, and bluetooth connection in
the works. you can install doing apt-get install delvj, then run the gtk
interface writing delvj at the console (if you want to actually see the
patches you'll have to modify /usr/share/delvj/scripts/pd-sync.sh).

delvj is based on 3dp+pdp+pidip so you need some 3d acceleration.

> ah and what are the differences between pd-pdp 0.12.4-1 and
> pd-pdp-caedes 0.12.4-2? or between pd-pidip 0.12.18-3 and
> pd-pidip-caedes 0.12.17-1?
> which ones should i use?

it depends. pidip 0.12.18 has support for theora streaming, so you
really need to use it for streaming.

the -caedes versions are modified versions of pdp and pidip with stuff
that delvj uses but i couldn't yet do all the work for integrating
into main branches.

in pd-pidip-caedes you have a better pdp-text object called pdp-qtext and the
imgloader object also has some modifications (possibly there are also
some more experimental objects but it is possibly better if you know
nothing about them :)

pd-pdp-caedes also has some modifications (some support for RGBA packets).

there is also pd-3dp-caedes (i believe) whith actually not much
interesting at the moment but some nice stuff will be in next version.
(it allows drawing rectangle primitives, which was a quite stupid idea,
but i have had no time to update this, it gives no problems on the other

i'm sorry about lack of documentation about all this (now there is only
http://sindominio.net/~caedes/readme), but i had a problem with a server
burning down :7. Soon i'll set up a web with more info.

by the way... where did you get the bitchVJ? it's not supposed to be
released yet :)

the main developer tells me she is not paranoid about anybody using it,
but she is shy as it is not yet in release state. you can write her at
acracia at riseup.net if you want to comment anything.


> thx in advance
> igor medeiros [media sana]
> linux kurumin kernel 2.6
> debian based brazillian distro
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