[PD] video tracking how advanced?

B. Bogart ben at ekran.org
Wed Mar 16 18:43:11 CET 2005

I think your after largely the eyesweb feature of tracking multiple
points of pressence/colour/motion?

I've talked to Mr Gridflow (Mathieu Bounchard) about this, as gridflow
has pretty fast access to all pixels its exposed to. The reason why
little software does it is that it is a complex problem! I personally
can't get my head around the mathematics of how to make it work, but I
know many have asked Mathieu and he is thinking about it.

So Mathieu, when will there be an example patch of tracking n number of

I'd love to be able to do this too!

pix_blob works very well for a single centroid, but thats it.
pix_multiblob? ;)


Chris O'Shea wrote:
> Hi thanks for the replies,
> Yeah unfortunately Eyesweb is closed source.
> I've spent quite a long time with Eyesweb and it would be a shame to
> loose all that knowledge. I might have to think about using two
> machines, one with Windows and Eyesweb and one with Linux & PD, although
> this isn't an ideal solution.
> Also I'm not sure if my 'Winfast VC 100 XP' capture card will run on
> Linux, but that's a separate issue really.
> Also I can't try out PiDiP properly as I am on Windows, unless I use a
> Linux live cd, which is a pain.
> I'd like to get away from Windows entirely, but not sure I can do what I
> need without Eyesweb.
> Hmm, difficult to know what to do there.
> Chris O'Shea
> Ian Smith-Heisters wrote:
>> I was pretty sure EyesWeb is all closed source, but I'd love to be
>> proven wrong.
>> I think PDP/PiDiP is the way to go for motion tracking. Currently it
>> lacks EW's high level objects like the centroid tracker, but it has
>> all the pieces there to build one.
>> The posture recognition in EW might use some sort of neural net to
>> recognize postures, which might be buildable with Pd's ANN.
>> Let me know how it goes, as it's on my list to look at this.
>> -Ian
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