how (many) are we [was: Re: [PD] Segmented patch chords?]

Anton Woldhek woldhek at
Wed Mar 16 19:31:37 CET 2005

Hi guys,

> I think the problem is the old problem of privilege as much 
> as anything. It's not a problem specific to women, but all 
> "minorities". Actually I was thinking that open-source 
> should/could be a very interesting thing in context of first 
> peoples communities. I think communities like these would be 
> very ideologically connected to the open-source concept. 
> (from my white western "priviliged" perspective anyhow) 
> Imagine if there was an open source OS (and there may be) 
> that was centered around the ideology of a non-western 
> community, a true fusion of spirituality and creative computing.
> Interaccess was involved in something called the "Container Project"
> ( that basically got 
> funding to plunk a shipping container / computer lab into 
> rural areas, in our case Jamaica, and taught workshops and so 
> on there. Strangely there was little exposure to open-source 
> software. People learned how to do HTML on old os9 macs and 
> on windows98. I wonder if there is such a thing in the 
> western world for first peoples communities.

I didn't read back the whole thread (sorry), but maybe you will find an interesting iniative. Its an online community based
effort to solve issues in (Mostly) third world countries. But with a twist,
first of, people can offer their wisdom directly without some NGO coming in
between, and 2nd, local communites can get in contact with each other
directly. I suggest you check it out for yourselfs because im very lousy at
explaining the concept.


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