[PD] Re: PDa on HP IPAQ 5550

derek holzer derek at x-i.net
Thu Mar 17 16:22:38 CET 2005

Hello Guenter,

� wrote:

>>2) What about externals? I'm particularly interested in your [shell]
>>object, and also in using OSC on the IPAQ.
> If you have a development toolchain for arm, then its basically
> straigthforward to compile externals, I have included sendOSC,
> dumpOSC and OSCroute in the PDa binary, so they should be readily
> useable. I tried them on my PDa and they worked, but I got reports
> that they don't .. so I have to check out what is going on.

These OSC appear to make on my installation, but I haven't really put 
them to the test yet.

> Maybe I find the time to put together an external package for PDa,
> just send me suggestions what I should include their.

I am mostly interested in [shell], so maybe Ggee would be a good start. 
I don't know if it would be easier/faster to only do the data-flow 
objects?? In which case, things like [wrap] (Cyclone), [gate] (IEM_lib), 
and [makesymbol], [date], [time] (Zexy) seem like the most obvious and 
useful ones to port.

Next thing: what about ALSA? I know ALSA support for normal PD is kinda 
wacked, but could you possibly get it working better for Familiar? 
Reason I ask is that the ALSA drivers have patches to get the sound to 
come out of the headphone jack for the IPAQ 5550. Otherwise, you're 
stuck with the built-in speaker!!!

thx mucho!

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