[PD] Re: PDa on HP IPAQ 5550

derek holzer derek at x-i.net
Thu Mar 17 17:48:36 CET 2005

� wrote:

> Have you tried to install the patched ALSA drivers ?
> Most probably you are already using ALSA drivers, because familiar
> doesn't come with OSS drivers.

I am afraid you have it backwards: Familiar 0.8.1 uses OSS. ALSA is not 
supported there at all, I was told to wait for or backport from Familiar 

Thankfully there is the headphone switching app I posted to do the job. 
External mike input is still not there yet, however, and if I want to 
use the CF audio card I got from Core-Sound I'm going to have to play 
around with very unstable versions of stuff from Handhelds.org


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