[PD] PMPD Editor version 0.001gamma

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Thu Mar 17 17:56:59 CET 2005

cyrille hat gesagt: // cyrille wrote:
> >Sorry for spamming again, 
> i really love this kind of spam :-)

Back from "money work", I have some more below.

> usability has to be improve a bit, but the concept works great.

The updated version is at: 

Changes include two keyboard shortcuts for setting the startpoints
("s") and endpoints ("e") of links. This makes working much faster, as
often the last endpoint of a link is the startpoint of the next link,
for example in a string.

Then I also made a version of the fixed masses, where the masses (red)
are array elements. Every mass is a 1-element array here. It's
possible to select, which implementation to use - the array masses or
the single masses - with a radio button. 

Array masses can be moved when not in edit mode, but they get messed
up when moved in edit mode (coordinates are off then). Single masses
are better for moving in edit mode.

Actually even now I really like this pmpd-editor. It's very easy to
build little houses, birds and ships or stuff like that graphically
now, and apart from pmpd, not a single external is used. 

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