remote X11 forwarding (WAS: Re: [PD] PDa on HP IPAQ 5550)

derek holzer derek at
Fri Mar 18 14:34:52 CET 2005

For benefit of the archive, I thought I'd give directions on how I got 
remote X11 forwarding working. This would be useful to work on PDa on 
the IPAQ via your own laptop's display and input devices, or perhaps 
also to edit PD patches which are running on a remote webserver, etc etc 

First, edit the /etc/ssh/ssh_config file on the Host computer [i.e. your 
lap/desktop, not the IPAQ] and add the following line:

ForwardX11Trusted yes

I believe everything else should be commented out.

Then open a new SSH session from the Host to the Remote computer [i.e. 
IPAQ, webserver, etc] with the following command:

ssh -2 -X -C user at IP.address.of.Remote

Once you have a prompt inside the Remote computer, you can start X11 
applications by command line:

pandev at h3900:~$ pd

Et voilà! The application's GUI will appear in the display of your Host 
computer, but they will be physically running on the Remote computer. 
YMMV as to how responsive the GUI is, as this is a function of available 
bandwidth IIRC.

Thanks to chris at lo-res and Rene Wagner on the Familiar list for getting 
this straightened out with me!

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