[PD] gem & cinepak video on linux

B. Bogart ben at ekran.org
Fri Mar 18 16:22:08 CET 2005

photo jpeg should be the best codec for performance!!!!

Just the biggest file sizes...

(at least on linux)

I have an installation using gem 0.79 that has been up for years without
problems mixing four videos using this codec.


Patrick: For MPEG2 the delta compression may be screwing up the frame
seeking... ? some codecs only play forward well, and awfully backward.

patrick wrote:
> hi tim,
> sorry can't help you with the memory leak... but
> i'm looking too for the best video codec for linux/gem. since libdv is
> really slow on linux (expensive on the cpu), i have to encode my footage,
> but i want to keep a good resolution (640x480). so, i did some test with
> lots of formats and codecs. the best codec for quality and not too expensive
> on cpu is avi :: rawvideo (yuv i think). but the colors of the video in gem
> are bad (rainbow)...
> so, i tried mpeg2. it's loading fine, but there's a problem: gem can't loop
> it, i have to reload the video. maybe it's the way i encoded it (using
> ffmpeg). some people say that motionjpeg with quicktime is the best, but not
> for a 640x480 video...
> still doing some research, i'll let you know and let me know!
> pat
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