[PD] PMPD Editor version 0.001gamma

Nicolas Montgermont montgermont at la-kitchen.fr
Fri Mar 18 18:02:36 CET 2005


Frank Barknecht a écrit :

>The updated version is at: 
Great stuff, you've made here!

>Changes include two keyboard shortcuts for setting the startpoints
>("s") and endpoints ("e") of links. This makes working much faster, as
>often the last endpoint of a link is the startpoint of the next link,
>for example in a string.
I've modified a little bit this system, now the "e" key is standing for 
(e)dit and is used for both the starting and the ending mass. It's just 
preference, and a little more fast ;-)

>Actually even now I really like this pmpd-editor. It's very easy to
>build little houses, birds and ships or stuff like that graphically
>now, and apart from pmpd, not a single external is used. 
Me too! I've added a resetL send to all the link when you bon the 
"build-pmpd-objects". That makes the link to take their actuel size as 
their default size. When you active the computation, the structure is no 
more deformedand we can draw structure with only one fixed mass!
There is a little bug after creating the structure. Some links got one 
of their points setted to (0,0). I had this problem too when using the 
datastructures, I'll see if I can fix that.


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