[PD] PDa update/buglist/comments

derek holzer derek at x-i.net
Fri Mar 18 19:42:26 CET 2005

Hi Guenter + the list,

Guenter put up a new beta of PDa + Tcl/Tk libs for the IPAQ yesterday, 
so I tested most of the afternoon.

And here's the bugs/comments of the day, as I discovered them. I'm using 
the latest PDa, Tcl and Tk packages from:
with Familiar 0.8.1 on an HP IPAQ 5550, in case anyone's interested.

Check the dates rather then the versions of the packages against what 
you have installed, as Guenter updated them yesterday without changing 
the version numbers.

I would tentatively recommended upgrading for anyone who's running it 
right now due to better oscillator sound, math operations and conversion 
routines. Major Tcl/Tk bug under IPAQ which piled all the text in the 
upper left corner is fixed. However, I've found the GUI in general more 
prone to crashing on "problem objects" (i.e. tables, numberboxes and 
[vcf~]) than before...see below for details.


* [dbtorms], etc: You note: "conversion routines (dbtorms,mtof, etc) are 
only available for control flow", but I'm not sure what you mean by this...
* I just checked [dbtorms], [rmstodb], [mtof] and [ftom] in the latest 
versions and they appear fine.

* GUI window Audio Peak Meters: non-functional until DSP is switched 
off, then they flash a red "100".

* GUI number boxes: will freeze GUI/crash PD if updated too frequently. 
Output of single [env~] object is sometimes enough to do this! Is there 
anything native in PDa to limit the refresh rate of the numberbox?

* GUI tables/graphs: updating graphical tables also risky. [metro 1000] 
to a [tabwrite~] could be enough to crash PD.

* [vcf~]: You note: "vcf~ could be improved in quality". Agreed! Sound 
improved from previous version, which was largely unresponsive to 
frequency changes, but this object has possibility to freeze GUI + kill 
audio at unknown times. Prints "0.000141" to the terminal for no known 

* [lop~], [bp~] and [hip~] function as expected.

* [routeOSC]: does not create.
* [dumpOSC]: creates as expected.
* [sendOSC]: does not create with following error:
/usr//lib/pd/extra/sendOSC.pd_linux: undefined symbol: OSC_errorMessage

* [netsend] + [netreceive]: work as expected.

* [vd~]: does not create.
* Other delay/table objects such as [delwrite~] + [delread~] and 
[tabwrite~] + [tabread~] don't seem to be different, except as you have 
noted: "tabread~ and tabwrite~ are indexed in milliseconds instead of 

* You might also mention in the docs that [soundfiler] exports length in 
ms not samples here as well.

*Probably the interpolation of [tabread4~] is not available here in 

* [sfread~] + [sfwrite~]: you write: "The readsf and writesf objects are 
replaced by sfread and sfwrite", but you might clarify that these need 
tildes in the names: [sfread~], [sfwrite~].

* Lots of clicks n' cuts when using the GUI with oscillators,
etc. But you knew that already as well! OTOH, it seems to respond nicely
to the -rt flag, making operation much much smoother.

* Filters and (especially) oscillators sounding much better than before. 
[osc~] in particular gave a very nasty, distorted rectangle wave in the 
previous version I tested:

* Also, you might include my directions for remote X11 forwarding in 
your FAQ.

* Will check audio recording with [sfwrite~] later on. Audioplayback 
with [tabread~] works as expected, haven't checked [sfread~] yet.

* Object requests:
* [shell]: Ggee
* [wrap]: Cyclone
* [makesymbol], [date], [time]: Zexy

thx + best,

derek holzer ::: http://www.umatic.nl
---Oblique Strategy # 147:
"State the problem as clearly as possible"

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