[PD] Re: WebCamera Input to GEM

slimboyfatboyslim slimboyfatboyslim at slimboyfatboyslim.org
Sun Mar 20 04:00:36 CET 2005

yup, also, iBot is kind of old already, you better find some newer 
stuff, I've got a iSweet which is not really good, but it may be a good 
choice if you think 350,000 pixels will be enough.

I'm not promoting mac products but may be iSight is an option since its 
quality is kind of ok (a bit better than iSweet). But I don't know if 
you can use it on WinXP.


On 20 Mar 05, at 3:48 AM, chris clepper wrote:

> On Mar 19, 2005, at 4:31 PM, David McCarthy wrote:
>> Hello List,
>>> From anyones experience, could anyone please reccomend me a 
>>> webcamera which has
>> low noise at low light levels?
>> I think firewire is the way to go, for example the "iBOT firewire" as 
>> it is just
>> a straight AVI data transfer format (no data compression at the 
>> camera like
>> USB1.1) (as far as I'm aware) Naturally the compression would cause a 
>> problem
>> in terms of noise, unless I'm mistaken.
> I have an iBot for testing with GEM and it has absolutely appalling 
> low light image quality.  Actually, it looks awful at any light level. 
>  I recommend any other Firewire camera over that thing.
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