[PD] [GEM] writing a single pixel data in a texture

Davide Morelli info at davidemorelli.it
Sun Mar 20 13:52:20 CET 2005

parser Elementi decorativihi list,

I would like to write a pixel from an image to a pix_texture.
..something like 04.pix/10.PixDataSimple but I would like to draw on a
texture instead of directly on GemWin

I think the skeleton should be

? - store the data somehow...

but I can't figure out how to menage the stored data..
Being a total newbie, before getting a headache with fitting and peeking in
a table I wonder if there is a pix_ object for doing something similar..
If not: what external can help me writing in a particular position of a
float list and how to read the whole list for pix_set?

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