[PD] Re: Familiar + PDa on h5550: audio/hardware details

=?X-UNKNOWN?Q?g=FCnter_geiger?= geiger at xdv.org
Sun Mar 20 22:37:59 CET 2005

On Sat, 19 Mar 2005, Rene Wagner wrote:
> Interesting :)


I have been on the familiar list some time (3 years) ago. I didn't know
that people there would be interested in this. I actually run PDa on
handhelds since 2001.

> It's been a while that I've played with audio/MIDI stuff but this got
> me curious.
> Anyways, a few notes as a familiar/OE developer:
> familiar is still in a transition to build everything from sources using
> OpenEmbedded, so certain packages/features may still be missing from the
> OE built 0.8.x releases/feeds.
> ALSA support is being worked on, someone announced working on TCL/TK
> .bbs (.bb being the package description ("recipe") format used for OE)
> on the OE list, too.

Thats good to know, I am distributing my own tcl/tk ipk, but they are
a bit lacking (especially the font support, which I had to hack in order
to keep the X server alive). I would be happy if someone would come up
with better packages and I can remove those.

> familiar and OpenZaurus are both built from the OpenEmbedded repository,
> so that the resulting packages are virtually identical.
> However, they're not binary (ABI) compatible. OpenZaurus uses a
> softfloat enabled toolchain while familiar doesn't to stay compatible
> with Debian/ARM. You can't mix apps or libraries from familiar and
> OpenZaurus (well, you can try, but things will likely be unstable).

Yeah, we figured that out the hard way. I personally do not run OE
ATM. The last platform I built pd for was pdaxrom, and thats what is
running on my zaurus right now. Anyhow, will have an iPaq soon :)

> If anyone is interested in writing .bbs for PD, PDa or other audio/MIDI
> apps (so that they will be part of future familiar and OpenZaurus
> releases) I'll be happy to assist with that.

That would be great, I have the .bb files already.
What does it need to contribute ?
And we would have to wait for tcl/tk, right ? Will this happen soon ?
You want my packages as a start ?

> Unfortunately there is no comprehensive documentation available for
> OpenEmbedded yet. There are however the bitbake manual and the OE wiki.

I figured it out by looking at other packages, don't know if I did it
the right way :)



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