[PD] pdp-pidip:recording to video files

Bill Sack wsack at acsu.buffalo.edu
Sun Mar 20 22:47:26 CET 2005

hello to all,

is it possible for the pdp_rec~ object in pidip to record at a larger 
dimension than 320x240? i've tried passing packets of a larger scale to 
it, and it still makes movies of 320x240. i poked around in the source 
for the object: it seems like it would accept some kind of messages for 
setting the scale of the movie, but rather than blindly flail in the 
dark i'm asking those who might actually know!

on a related subject: can anyone suggest a way to record pdp video 
stream in a way that can be synced with a a simultaneous audio stream? 
i've noticed (on my machine, anyway) that pdp_rec~ drops enough frames 
that a/v sync goes out pretty quickly. has anyone experimented with 
anything else (e.g.: streaming out through pdp_live~ to a separate 
recordng app). i'm looking for a cheap way to archive live audio/video 
happenings (so recording onto external dv through s-video is not really 
an option right now).

Bill Sack

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