[PD] (yet another) data structures tutorial

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Mon Mar 21 00:18:24 CET 2005

ggkarman at musicologia.com hat gesagt: // ggkarman at musicologia.com wrote:

> Ive just uploaded a new data structure tutorial to the community page.
> https://www.puredata.info/Members/ggkarman/Tutoriales/
> The document's language is spanish, but has got quite a few illustrations
> for those non-spanish speakers interested in it. The tutorial was used in
> a workshop in Madrid a couple weeks ago. The level is quite basic but
> might have some nice tips.

I don't understand spanish, but this is a very nicely made tutorial. A
translation to english surely would be wonderful. 

> By the way, there were around 25 attendants to the workshop, (8 fem). I
> would say 3 or 4 already were users. Hope some more now.

But I hopw they weren't scared by data structures? Or by pointers -
which can be a bit hard to understand. ;)

One thing: You did not supply any file suffixes to both files on
puredata.org, their filenames are "Data" and "Tut" instead of
"Data.pdf" and "Tut.zip". If you find the time, I guess especially
Windows users would love if you could add the missing file endings.

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