[PD] Writing Csound scores with PD

Spencer Russell Spencer.Russell at oberlin.edu
Mon Mar 21 17:14:38 CET 2005

Hey Listers,
I'm still pretty new to PD, but it's probably the synthesis
environment that I feel most comfortable in. I've got to write a
piece using Csound, however, for my electronic composition class,
which has to include at least 100 lines in the score file. Now,
being as I already have some random rhythm/note generation
patches created in PD, I thought it'd be great to get them to
write a csound score file for me (algorithmic composition has a
thumbs up from my prof). :)

does anyone know how I can do this? I know how to use [pack] to
create the messages that would represent lines in the score, but
I basically need an object that recieves messages, and appends
them to a text file, with each messages on its own line.


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